A photo of Daniel taken on his wedding day.


My name is Daniel Flanagan. Yes, I always dress up like that. I was born in Virginia (but my family didn’t stay long) and now live in Kansas City, Missouri. My family lives here, too! I have 6 awesome little brothers. Yes, my parents had seven boys and are fantastic. I love my family quite a lot.

I’m a software developer and an elder-in-training for the small church I’ve been a part of since its conception in 2012 or so called Rising. I also run all the tech and audio-visual systems there and I love it. My faith is the framework around which I’ve built my life and it has never failed me.

I’m a big proponent of self-discipline, working from home, and working less than 40 hours per week. My favorite video games include Super Smash Bros. Melee, Quake 3, World of Warcraft, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Portal, Half-Life 2, and others. I listen to a lot of metal (DragonForce!) and electronic music. My favorite drink is Red Bull Yellow Edition and I prefer tea over coffee. I run Arch Linux on all my machines and have almost got my wife to switch over to Ubuntu, though in fairness it’s mostly due to her MacBook beginning to show its age. I have an odd obsession with mechanical keyboards (thanks, reddit).

Daniel and his wife in a forest.
My wife and I. Yes. It's true. I only have the one pose.

I’m married to Valerie, the most beautiful woman in the entire world. She’s a trained and working Physical Therapist Assistant and somewhat of a fitness and health nut, which has yet to rub off on me (darn!). We’ve been married since late 2016 and we fall more in love every day. We currently live in a cozy little apartment which she somehow manages to keep clean, organized, and well-decorated between working her two jobs.

I could talk about her for quite a long time, but this probably isn’t the place to do that. We (sort of) run a blog at danielandvalerie.life and we’ll hopefully get around to putting her bio up on there!


I grew up not around the dining table, but around the keyboard or latest Nintendo console; video games were bonding and family time. I discovered programming through my dad (whom I refer to as “Daddy”) who showed me QBASIC after I persisted in asking how video games were made. Within a few weeks I had made a simple snake game and he bought me a book title C# for the Absolute Beginner and that was it. I was hooked.

I moved from C# to the web quite naturally, as the things I wanted to make were community-oriented and I loved the idea of users or friends not needing to install anything to use what I made. I had a job washing cars after I dropped out of high school (because college was expensive and time consuming and I could already write code… so I thought!) when a recruiter found some of my work and landed me my first programming gig at a small web company in town that owned some popular online services and made money via ads and was focused on M&A.

After that company went down, I binge watched the office before I realized I couldn’t just laze around forever. I called my recruiter and landed another position at emfluence, a digital marketing firm in downtown KC. These guys were (and are!) fantastic and a part of me really misses the environment. After a year or so of working there, I was let go as my boss sensed a lack of drive or interest in what the company was doing.

After a month or so of trying to figure out what to do, my financial advisor contacted me about possibly making some web applications for him and I realized I could totally freelance! IQ Wealth Calculators was born and I was hired to create the calculator(s) side of things.

Since then, I’ve been picking up and hunting down any work I can, primarily here in Kansas City. I have a big heart for Christian organizations and have volunteered/donated my abilities wherever and whenever I can.

To this day I dream of someday making video games for a living. It’s a shame the game development industry is currently a bit overloaded.