What I Do

Web Development

I specialize in creating beautiful and usable user experiences - especially in the web browser.

Mobile Design

The majority of web traffic is now mobile. Mobile-first and responsive design are a must.

User Experiences

Software - web sites and apps included - should be a joy to interact with, simple to use, and beautiful.

Technology is an ever-changing and constantly-shifting field of work. I relish in the quick-moving world of software development cycles and ever-new and upcoming technologies. I am constantly searching for and trying to create the next cool thing.

How I Do It

Planning & Preparation

I begin by scoping out the project and structuring as many smaller sub-tasks for organization.

Iterate Quickly

I deploy my work often in an effort to keep the development process highly interactive and feedback oriented.

One-Man Army

Since it's just one guy (me!), I can be extremely flexible, fast, and communicate directly with the client.

Modern Workflow

The latest and greatest in tooling and practices allow me to leave the smart stuff to the computers.

If you're looking for a software engineer or web developer and need convincing that I'm worth contacting, you can find my resume on Google Drive and my portfolio of public projects and open source on my GitHub profile.

Contact Me

I'm always on the lookout for cool opportunities. If you think you've got one, feel free to contact me - especially if you're a business or organization looking to have website or software work done! If you'd like, here are some links to some of my stuff.

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